Erika Watson Owner, White Hot Events

Erika Watson
Owner, White Hot Events, LLC

To my clients and friends…

I was born with duct tape in my hand and a sparkle in my eye.

No really…I was THAT kid.  We all know the one.  When I was little I would’ve given anything to be Julie on the “Love Boat.”  Cruise Director = Event Planner…same thing.  For my tenth birthday I asked for clipboards, files, and a filing cabinet.  But I didn’t want just a “normal” filing cabinet.  That would’ve been WAY too easy.  I wanted a RED filing cabinet.  Yep…I was that kid.

So, fast forward several decades and it should come as no surprise that my entire career has been spent in hospitality.  From Concierge, Front Desk, Catering, and finally Event Production, I am still dreaming up the impossible.  If you see a cool idea in a magazine, chances are high that we did something identical several years ago.  Operative words “several years ago.”  Put a chick in a bubble and float her on top of a pool?  Yep – 2008.  Lightning in a ballroom for an electrical company (yes…REAL lightning)?  Sure did – 2009.  A big 1920’s event, complete with a 1929 Model A and claw-foot bathtub full of gin?  Absolutely – 2011.  And we don’t stop at design.  Twice now I have recommended entertainers that went on to the top three of America’s Got Talent.”  Yes, for real. 

Not only have I thought a few steps outside of a round box, but I don’t always take the easy route.  Several years ago, a vendor called me from across the country a week before an event to tell me that they had (6) of the (20) wooden tables I needed.  The easy solution would have been to change the tables.  As expected…I didn’t.  I kept the original design, shipped the necessary wood, nails, drill bits, etc. across the country and built ALL of the tables in our hotel rooms.

In other words…if you want an event that is years ahead of competitors, planned and produced by a woman that has never met a challenge too big, then you want me, Erika Watson.

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