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In Their Words…

“Throughout the weeks we worked together, Erika never once complained about our numerous changes, revisions, cancellations, re-draws, completely new elements and the multitude of last minute requests. The result of course was magic. The execution was perfect. The crowd was awed, and the client was appreciative and complimentary- if you know anything about this business- that’s the ultimate Holy Grail.” – Corporate Client


“Erika’s passion for the events she produces is most impressive. Her attention to detail, positive “can do” attitude and collaborative spirit brings out the best in the people she works with and the clients she takes on. In my view, no one brings the same mix of energy, imagination and follow through that Erika does. She is simply the best.” – Non-profit Client

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“My husband’s passing was extremely painful and because of Erika I was able to focus on myself and my children. I hear so many stories of planning funerals and how much needs to be done, but fortunately for myself, I had Erika and she captured Josh’s life with minimum input from me. She created the perfect memorial that I am still receiving calls about how much it captured Josh. Erika is extremely talented, but more than that, she listens. She can capture what needs to happen and her follow through is second to none. I am so fortunate to have her on my speed dial. I happily recommend her and I feel fortunate to have such a strong woman to call friend. I hope she knows what a difference she has made in my life.” – Social Client


“She earned the trust and respect of our team and taught us all how to work hard and have a blast doing it. I can honestly say that it was an incredible experience working alongside Erika. It is amazing to watch her work – melding creativity, ingenuity, and of course, a great time. The best quality of a leader is the ability to earn the respect and love from her team and Erika does just that.” – Corporate Client


“In addition to her excellent communication skills, Erika has a unique ability of maintaining a positive attitude in any situation. This quality was instrumental in maintaining the morale of our team, even in the most stressful situations.” – Social Client